Pumpkin & Spice

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Pumpkin & Spice

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So What You Need Is

The Newest SDK 3.0


Credits Heads - MIN'NA Head By (SaltedTrailmix#9005) And MG's Head Edit By (Mia#5107) , Original MG's Head By (?????#6666)


Base- xaxkkx on Deviantart

Textures for eyes and hair- (WetCat#6969)

Locomotion fix - (WetCat#6969)

Animation By Evendora-https://vrcmods.com/item/7597

Particle By Raivo

Rules Are!

1.Do NOT make any of models public.

2.You CAN NOT claim my avatars as your own.

3.You are not allowed to redistribute or sell the model in any way.

4.You can freely change the color or accessories but prohibit claiming to be made by you.

5.If you wish to use any of the assets that are on these avatars, you will need to purchase/download from the original creators stated.

6.You Are Allowed To Use On Live Stream Just Credit Me. 7.You Are Allowed Add Your Own Dances To These Models. Please Enjoy Them.

I want this!
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